Our know-how

Marseille soap and liquid soap

Marseille soap

Our natural Marseille soaps are made with a vegetable oil base. We add natural pigments, fragrance, and other natural ingredients such as dried flowers (Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Rose, etc.) to this vegetable oil base. Our soaps are enriched with Shea butter to provide vitamins to the skin and to additionally moisturize it. Shea butter really increases our soap’s quality and makes it softer and more pleasant to use.

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Palm oil, rich in palmitic and oleic acid, and palm kernel oil, rich in lauric acid, are very soft vegetable oils for the skin. All our fragrances are carefully selected and come directly from Grasse, the historical heart of the famous French perfume industry. Our perfume producers have succeeded in creating a fine balance between essential oils and traditional fragrances. Our soaps production is environment friendly and we do not pollute the air. Our products are not tested on animals.

Liquid Marseille soap

Since 2006 we are now able to produce a liquid version of the famous Marseille soap thanks to our many years of soap making know-how.
Our liquid soap is made in the old fashioned way, following the traditional Marseille technique. It is cooked in a cauldron.
It has a 100% vegetable oil base using coconut oil that contains natural glycerine. Then, we add fragrances, and sometimes a little natural colour to this vegetable oil base.
We use the same high quality fragrances from Grasse, as the ones in our regular soaps in order to keep continuity among the lines.

The coconut oil (with its highly saturated fatty acid content), and the glycerine, present naturally, have a strong moisturizing and softening power which is why our liquid soap is recommended for all skin types even sensitive ones.
It is guaranteed without animal fat and no synthetic surface-active. It is a biodegradable product.
The liquid soap is available in 300 ml (10,1 US Fl.oz) bottles with or without pump, 1 L (33,8 US Fl.oz), and in bulk.


We manufacture natural cosmetics products: body lotion, hand creams, shower gel, massage oil, face creams, man cosmetics…
We formulate any kind of cosmetic products on request. Our body lotions are made of shea butter and olive oil or donkey milk. Enriched with soothing beeswax, they are the best ones to be used every day after showering. All our cosmetic products are made in our factory located in Provence.
Our eau de toilette and home perfumes are all made out with natural beet alcohol. We select the best fragrances from Grasse to obtain high quality products.