All our fragrances are carefully selected and come directly from Grasse. Our perfume producers have succeeded in creating a fine balance between essential oils and traditional fragrances.

Fragrances 100g rect. soap 100g cube soap 250g soap 25g soap 100g oval soap 80g cicada Liquid soap
Almond x x x        
Amber x            
Apple x            
Apricot x            
Argan oil x            
Blackberry x            
Cherry x
Chocolate x x          
Cinnamon-Orange x x x x      
Coffee   x          
Donkey milk x x
Fern x x          
Figs x x          
Fruits of the grapes x
Hive’s Flowers w            
Honey x x x x x x x
Honeysuckle x x x x x x  
Jasmine x x x x x x  
Lavender x x x x x x x
Lavender flowers x x x        
Lemon x x          
Lilac x x          
Lily of the valley x   x        
Lime blossom x            
Magnolia x            
Mandarine x            
Marine x x          
Mimosa x x
Mint x
Olive x x x x x x x
Olive Lavander x            
Olive leaves x x x        
Opium x            
Orange-grapefruit x x          
Orange flower x   x        
Orchid x            
Pastis   x          
Patchouly x x          
Peach x x          
Pomegranate x            
Poppy x           x
Provence x            
Red fruits x x          
Rose x x x x x x x
Rose flowers x x x        
Rosemary x            
Shea butter x x
Strawberry x x          
Tea Flower x x          
Thyme x            
Tomato Basil   x          
Tulip x            
Unfragranced           x
Vanilla x x x        
Verbena x x x        
Vetyver x            
Violet x x
Wild rose x x