Marseille soap

Do you want to create soaps with your own brand?
We can fulfil your needs

Our speciality: Private label Marseille soap

We can provide our clients with private label soaps to satisfy their needs and to meet their market requirements. With a minimum of 150kg of soap, you can create your product with it own:

design, shape
ingredients (fragrance, essential oils, vegetable oils, etc.)
and packaging

We create, in collaboration with our clients, soaps with their fragrances, their additional raw materials (milk, honey, royal jelly, etc.) or their shape (oval, golf ball, egg, heart, etc.) or any mould shape our mould makers produce for them.
It is also possible to use one of our moulds and customize the soap in other ways.
The possibilities of creations are numerous and they are done according to our clients’ needs.
The organization of our production allows us to be very reactive and to meet short dead-lines (except mould and packaging making dead-lines for special production) We use brass moulds on an automatic pressing machine for large quantities, and a manual pressing machine for small quantities (PVC or metal moulds). We can answer to all kind of requirements.
We can make up the cosmetic file for our clients: registration to anti-poison centres and clinical tests to a laboratory to be in accordance with the law.

Some example :