Marseille soap

Do you want to create soaps with your own brand?
We can fulfil your needs

Our speciality: Private label Marseille soap

We can provide our clients with private label soaps to satisfy their needs and to meet their market requirements. With a minimum of 150kg of soap, you can create your product with it own:

design, shape
ingredients (fragrance, essential oils, vegetable oils, etc.)
and packaging

We work on several soap stamping machines:
Metal dies on automatic stamping machines for large series
Bandless dieset on semi-automatic stamping machines for small series

We propose several packaging options:
Cellophane or paper wrapping
Shrink cellophane
Pleat wrapping
We can adapt to our clients’ requests: from the small-scale to the large-scale production, from tailor- made to full service. Moreover, we are very reactive, and we can meet short clients’ dead-lines.
We can take care of the paperwork for our clients: registration of formulas on CPNP, writing of the Product Information File, tests in laboratory, etc. to have the products following with the European laws.

Reactivity, flexibility, partnership, are the keys of our success in the soap and cosmetic industry.

Some example :